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DECEMBER 14, 2013 10:00 A.M.



Vendal opened the meeting by asking Tommy Smith to lead us in prayer and Danny Cole to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Robert then called roll and a quorum was established.

Vendal asked everyone to read over minutes. Tom requested that the BOD change the word from Arcadia to Acadiana on page three of the minutes. After which Tommy made a motion to accept, 2nd by Wesley. Motion carried.

After minutes were accepted Robert requested that Vendal let Tom Beck, CPA present our year end review for year 2012-2013. After review James Arceneaux made a motion to accept as presented and have review presented at 2014 Convention, 2nd by Tommy. Motion carried.

Vendal asked Adam Barrilleaux to give his presentation on BBQ Brisket Cook-Off for 4-H ALPHA GAMMA RHO foundation fundraiser. Bob made a motion to sponsor an ad in the magazine promoting the foundation fundraiser, 2nd by Terry. Motion carried.

Vendal requested that Tom as Membership Chair present membership report. After Tom’s report, Robert also went over awards to be given out at Convention and explained to BOD that some people who recruited members were not members of LCA and the Executive Committee voted not to recognize these people. Robert also reported that 6 parishes haves remained the same, 16 parishes have gained membership for a total of 139, and that 33 parishes have lost membership for a total of 187. Motion was made by Ricky to accept as presented, 2nd by Randy. Motion carried.

Vendal asked Robert to go over financials with BOD, after which Randy made a motion to accept as presented, 2nd by Ricky. Motion carried.

Vendal asked Mrs. Barbara Litteral to give a report on State Fair. She give an update on the fair and that the Louisiana Cattlemen’s Foundation had made $11,418.25 this past year.

Under nominations for officers for the upcoming year Tommy made a motion to nominate Bob Pitre as President Elect, Ricky Lester as Vice President, 2nd by Randy. Motion was made by Wesley, 2nd by Tommy to close nominations. Motion carried. BOD voted on first motion. Motion carried with no opposition.

Robert then gave an update on our 2014 Convention and asked BOD if they would like to add or take away anything on the agenda. He also explained that the agenda that they had in the book was not the final draft. Robert thanked Cindy Lester and her Prime Committee for their input on our cover for the convention agenda and our January magazine.

Under Committee Reports:

Membership & Revenue Development Tom Ardoin gave a report and requested that we recognize our deceased members in resolution #1, 2nd by Randy. Motion carried.

Animal Health & Well Being Dr. Brent Robbins gave a complete update on animal disease traceability, trichomoniasis, tuberculosis and BSE. After which Tom made a motion that we adopt a resolution in support of trichomoniasis ruling made by LDAF Board of Animal Health, 2nd by Tommy. Motion carried.

Ag Policy & Legislative Dr. Ronnie Bardwell gave an update on legislative activity for the past year and what we as producers need to be aware of for the future. Robert informed BOD that he needed a motion to send a letter in support of NCBA on all EPA rulings. Motion was so moved by Tommy, 2nd by Calvin. Motion carried.

Consumer Information & Beef Promotion Charles Litteral told the BOD that the national office was going thru renovations. Robert explained to the BOD that the Beef Check-Off had been challenged by rice growers and the State Supreme Court ruled that the Louisiana .50 check-off no longer can be a mandatory collection. That is has to be only collected on voluntary basis. With that being said Randy made a motion to bring a resolution to the convention allowing Commissioner Strain to pursue legislation to allow continued collection of assessments, 2nd by Calvin. Motion carried.

Junior Advisor Ashly Delatte gave a complete update on junior activities for the past year and what would be happening before the convention with the LJCA Showmanship Clinic/Beef Ambassador Contest.

Marketing & Foreign Trade Calvin LeBoeuf told the BOD that sales had been good in his area and that the market prices have been solid this past year.

Private Lands & Environmental Management Brent Yantis had to leave so Tom Ardoin gave his report and asked that everyone stay informed with NCBA’s Legislative watch and in our magazine.

Prime Committee Cindy Lester gave an update on the activities that they participated in this past year. She also went over the theme of the 2014 Convention and what her committee would be doing to help put this convention together.

Under other business Tom explained what Chris from State Fair had done for us this year and that the Executive Committee had decided to send a $300.00 gift card to him. Motion was made by James to reiterate motion made by Executive Committee to send Chris a letter and gift card, 2nd by Randy. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Tom, 2nd by Jimmy to give Representative Dorothy Sue Hill the ok to send a bill to legislature to have a license plate adopted for LCA. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Tom, 2nd by Randy to bring a resolution to 2014 Convention stating that LCA have a seat on Management and Beef Advisory Board of LSU Shows. Motion carried.

Bob made a motion stating that we do not tag any more calves for LA Bred Steer Program after December 31, 2013 for Spring Show of 2015. Motion carried with a vote of 8 for and 4 against. Motion was then made by Tom to request a steer card from office for calves and not tag calves, just us card and honor system, 2nd by Calvin. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Wesley to adjourn, 2nd by Randy. Motion carried.