2013 Louisiana Beef Ambassador Program
General Rules and Regulations
The Louisiana State Beef Ambassador Contest will be held Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 12:00 noon at the Hampton Inn on 2114 West Willow Street in Scott. If coming from I-10, take Exit 100, the Ambassador Caffery Exit (The hotel entrance is by Taco Bell).

You must pre-register to participate in the contest. A registration form can be found below. Mail the form to: Tweety Trahan, 1105 W. Port Street, Abbeville, LA. 70510. Call Mrs. Tweety at 337-898-4335 (work) or 337-652-8153 (cell) or email her at strahan@agcenter.lsu.edu if you have any questions or need directions to the Hampton Inn.

The purpose of the Beef Ambassador Contest is to educate and enhance students’ knowledge of the Beef Industry. These Beef Ambassadors will educate consumers in their respective areas about beef and beef production. This program is essential because today’s youth are bombarded with anti-beef messages that often find their way into schools. Beef Ambassadors located across the nation go into classrooms, daycares, after school programs and attend youth organization activities where they make presentations about their personal experiences with beef and the beef industry, including industry messages on nutrition, animal welfare, environment and other key topics.

National Beef Ambassadors increase consumer reach through their attendance at promotional events during consumer expos, health fairs and in-store demonstrations. Across our nation Beef Ambassadors share personal experiences, product samples and key beef messaging on nutrition, recipes, preparation, animal welfare, environment and other key issues.

The Beef Ambassador Contest consists of six categories: 1) Production of beef (general no specific breed); 2) Food preparation and food safety practices; 4) Nutrition; 5) Environmental Stewardship; and 6) Animal Welfare

Division I speeches should bring to light the importance of the beef industry and the importance of beef as an agricultural product; spotlighting the positive impact the cattle industry has on our economy and families. REMEMBER!! No dish required. No costumes allowed!! No notes or outlines, other than wording on the poster are to be used while giving the presentation in any division.

Contestants in Division I must turn in a copy of their poster explanation or speech/outline along with a copy of the bibliography or sources.
Beef Ambassador Division Requirements

Division I: 9-12 years old (by September 1, 2014)
Speech should come from one of these six categories: 1) Production of beef; 2) Food preparation and food safety practices; 4) Nutrition; 5) Environmental Stewardship; and 6) Animal Welfare
· Contestant designs a standard poster (22”X28”) relating to beef.
· Presents a 2-3 minute explanation of poster.
· Responds to questions from judges.

Division II: 13-16 years old (by September 1, 2014)
The rules for Division II and III are the same (see rules below).

Division III: 17-20 years old (by September 1, 2014)
The rules for Division II and III are the same (see rules below).

There will be two (2) components to the contest.

1. Consumer Promotion - This part of the contest will simulate a trade show situation and give the contestant a chance to promote a beef product to consumers. A product and pamphlets on that product will be available for the contestant to promote. The contestant does not have to bring anything to the contest. As part of the contest, “consumers” will stop by your booth and ask questions. Dress code is professional casual.

Contestants will be judged on:
- how they present the product and supporting material
- how they set up their booth
- how they interact with the consumers (make sure to interact with everyone who stops by your table.)
- ability to give accurate and clear answers to consumer questions
- ability to answer question in an informative, persuasive and enthusiastic manner
- ability to tell the beef production story
- ability to think quickly and answer questions accurately

2. Media Interview - The contestant will participate in a mock radio interview. Contestants will be judged on:
- depth of beef industry knowledge
- ability to present thoughts clearly
- composure - not visible nervous or shy
- confidence - ability to present facts without conceit or arrogance.
- manners - ability to be polite and respectful
- appearance - neat and appropriate attire

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